She is my beloved MOTHER ❤that’s my mother, I don’t know in which corner of heaven she was born. I don’t know where She hides her wings. You had been through all  painfull hell of marriage with your noble character and your patience. Mother chooses to be silent and hides all wounds and sufferings for the future of your children. Your strength is Your prayer to the The Alloh Almighty❤ Thank Your for everything You have done to Your children, MOM ❤ Thank You for sacrificing Your soul and Your life for the happiness of Your kids ❤Mother, You don’t have to be worry coz I  will take good care everything down here❤ You always be The Real Angel for Your descendant❤ I wanna make my MOM proud of me. I am always longing for my MOM in every breath of my life ❤ We always love You deeply truely forever until our last breath, MOM❤ May The Almighty Alloh bless Your noble soul in the highest Paradise, Aamiin yaa Robb ❤


🙏I wish I could express million deepest sincere heartfelt gratitude to all my beloved families as follows:🙏

💖A heartfelt thank – you to: My beloved “Angel-Hero” MOTHER (RIP) – my beloved Father💗 Abdul Ghaffar (RIP)/Djuriah (RIP) & family ⭐ Muchtar Kamal (RIP)/Darwisyah (RIP) & family ⭐ Yusniar (RIP)/Muhammad Thaib Yusuf (RIP) & family ⭐ H.Soesanto Hoesadi (RIP) ⭐ Johansyah (RIP) & family ⭐ Iskandar/Oom Idel (RIP)⭐H. Muhammad Iqbal ⭐ Syifaa Asyiah ⭐ Alvi Syahrin Mubaroq ⭐  Adam Fauzan Aulia ⭐ Hj. Diah Indriasih Hoesadi & family ⭐ Prof. Dr. Alvi Syahrin, SH., M.Si. & family ⭐ Fadlielah Hasanah & family ⭐ Fahrul (Aceh) & family ⭐ Grandma Roslina & family ⭐ Irma Diana/Rahmat Tobing & family⭐ Irwan/Alka & family ⭐ Irvan Setya/Henny & family ⭐  Irda Wahyuni/Fadly & family ⭐ Irsam Suryani/Rendy & family⭐  Irham & family ⭐ Indah Aprodity & family ⭐ Ms. Basrah Amershah,SH., M.Hum & family ⭐ Supomo, S.Si., M.Si ⭐ H.M. Iqbal ⭐ Supri Mukhtar/Khotamin & family ⭐ Syamsuddin/Nurmalinda & family ⭐  Sandra Sjah & family ⭐ Elvina Maisyarah, SH., M.Hum.,  & family ⭐ Marten Yerni/Asril Muas (RIP) & family ⭐ Liliyanto/Agustin & family ⭐  Wagimin& family ⭐ Sujono & family ⭐   Putri Maisyarah Ammy ⭐ Baihaqi/Najmi Aprilia & family⭐ Chairani Ammy/Agung & family⭐ Salman Alfarisi/Dwi Afiani & family ⭐ Novi Jasticha Baried/Hendro Indrawan & family ⭐ Wenny Balqis Ketura/Syahyadi & family ⭐ Sofyan Andi & family ⭐ Hambali & family ⭐ Lulu Kanalom & family ⭐ Hambali & family ⭐Lisda Johan & family ⭐ Lisa Andriansjah Rizal & family ⭐ Annisa & family ⭐ Dedi Rahman & family ⭐ Nirmala Many Doddamane & family ⭐    Yurnaida & family ⭐  Sastrawati & family ⭐  Seftini Marni & family ⭐  Lestanaima/Junaina & family ⭐ Fitri Dharma Yanti & family ⭐ Adriat Mukcan & family ⭐ Ennita Dwi & family ⭐  Dato’ Ruslan (Malaysia) & family ⭐ Dato’ Iril Anim (Australia) & family ⭐ Dato’ Tahrim (Malaysia) & family ⭐ Hendriko & family ⭐ all my beloved teachers and my beloved families at Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia ⭐   We ask Allah to send the reward to us, our parents, all our loved ones, all deceased from the first to the last till the day of Qiyamah.Ameen yaa Robb.💖

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