❤️My beloved MOTHER, You have taken my heart since I was born. My MOTHER’s womb always be the first and the most comfort place I ever lived❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, You have raised me up to more I can be ❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, I do deserve Your tears and pains as Your unbearable divine sacrifice to keep me alive❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, I do extend my heartfelt gratitude for Your unconditional and precious love❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, deeply thanks for being great listener, great inspiring bestfriend, and D’best companion for me❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, nothing is gonna change my love for You ❤️
❤️I love You, MOTHER, from the earth to the moon, You mean the world to me❤️
❤️My beloved MOTHER, I could never ever stop loving You endlessly leading to Jannatul Firdaus❤️
🤲💌 Hopefully, we will meet at Jannah 💌🤲
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